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As the quality of herbal plant material depends, affecting growing conditions (soil, water, fertilizing, spraying, temperature, humidity, light and close off time) on plants greatly. In addition, the plant material into the plant before harvesting, processing, storage and transportation have a significant impact on the other. For this reason, some US companies with large herbal plantation reference to the EC "Medicinal plant cultivation quality management practices (GAP)". Medicinal plants for every aspect of production and processing, have developed a strict requirement seeks to achieve harmless materials to ensure production of the highest quality botanicals.

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The United States is still not as plant-based drugs prescription or non-prescription drug sales, compared with Western medicine in a very unequal position, moreover, can not be patented, and thus can not protect the interests of the huge potential of its technology and marketing on.

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 In recent years, the sudden emergence of herbal market in consumer choice of medication, herbal medicine has become a new trend. According to statistics, the United States each year to spend $ 6 billion for nutrition and health products, and the market at a rate of nearly 20% annual increase. Approximately US patients taking more than 5% of natural medicine, 80% of people taking the medicine during treatment. Now 60,000,018 US adults over the age herbal treatment of colds, allergies, rashes, insomnia, menopausal syndrome and depression, so to herbal-based herbal market unprecedented prosperity together. American consumers like formulations are capsules, tablets, and is followed by decoction.

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Product number Product name CAS
W13P Aloe emodin 481-72-1
W14P Sulforaphane 4478-93-7
W15P 5-aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride 5451-9-2
W16P Cocoa butter 8002-31-1
W17P Wheat germ oil 68917-73-7
W18P Dendrobium 0
W19P Polysaccharide 0
W20P Dendrobium base 0
W21P 4- amino -3,5- twoClopidol 22889-78-7
W22P 2- amino -5- bromide 1072-97-5
W24P 3- bromine -2-Clopidol 52200-48-3
W25P 2- bromine -3,5- two methyl pyridine 92992-85-3