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The hepatitis C market dark horse emerged, Regulus pharmaceuticals or by Gilead panic

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Recently, Regulus pharmaceutical released news, the cocktail RG-101 hepatitis C virus (HCV) combined with other hepatitis C drug treatment for 4 weeks showed high cure rate of 97% and, once detonated industry reviews and investment enthusiasm, hepatitis C drug market once again pushed cusp.
Gilead owns Harvoni, Sovaldi and other heavy hepatitis C drug, quarterly sales of billions once. Although Merck, Aibo Wei and other giants have also released the corresponding hepatitis C drug, but for Gilead combination drug efficacy better, the hepatitis C market dominant position has never been able to shake. Regulus pharmaceutical C a cocktail RG-101 release, the clinical manifestation is magic, but cannot calm gilead.
According to statistics, the global population of about 170 million of hepatitis C virus infection. The virus infection, chronic inflammation can lead to liver necrosis and fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Earlier, drugs to treat hepatitis C mainly to pegylated interferon / ribavirin, or pegylated interferon / ribavirin / telaprevir combined with for the treatment of adults with chronic hepatitis C, but these combinations of drugs to cure rate is not ideal and adverse reactions more.
Hepatitis C drug generation of dignity
In December 2013, Gilead released C magic combination drug Sovaldi, for 12 weeks of treatment and a cure rate of 90% in one fell swoop Jiaore market C. In October 2014, Gilead re released the combination drug Harvoni, 90% cure rate and treatment week was reduced to 8 weeks. Since then, the hepatitis C market product development listed into the blowout era.
At the end of last year, the major pharmaceutical giants have released annual report, data display: Gilead to $19 billion in sales ranked hepatitis C drug market in the top, abbvie hepatitis C drug Viekira Pak and 100 Squibb hepatitis C drug daklinza similarly also has the billions of annual sales performance. 2 billion and $18 billion, respectively.
Hepatitis C market frequent dark horse
1 Merck Zepatier
In early January this year, Merck & Co., independent research and development of hepatitis C drug Zepatier elbasvir/grazoprevir was awarded the FDA approved the for gene therapy and 4 type hepatitis. The drug for hepatitis C patients provide up to 90% of the cure rate, the price as 54600 U. s.dollars / week, Gilead Solvadi $84000 / week price cheap by 35% compared to the, Harvoni 94000 U. s.dollars / week price 40% cheaper. Three price standard, the treatment cycle and the efficacy of Merck against Ai Bowei and Bristol Myers Squibb has a great chance this year. In the face of the strong market share of Geely Deda Merck, can divide one or two, let us wait and see.
2 Regulus pharmaceutical RG-101
Any one can challenge the drug efficacy, drug treatment cycle and pricing standard, will be Gilead as potential market predators. No doubt, due to the recent magic magic eye Regulus RG-101 combination is its pharmaceutical investors most worried about the competition.
RG-101 the antiviral mechanism of the main: by inhibiting the expression of microRNAs are small molecules and reduce viral gene expression level, thereby reducing the amount of in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV).
Regulus pharmaceutical recently released a RG-101 and other hepatitis C drug combined with clinical trials in the mid analysis report, test in 79 patients were divided into three groups: Harvoni/RG-101, Olysio/RG-101 and Daklinza/RG-101, which were to Harvoni (Gilead) is, olysio (Johnson & Johnson) and daklinza (100 Squibb) for taking 4 weeks, each Group on day 1 and day 29 RG-101 on patients with subcutaneous injection of 2mg / kg, and the 38 and 14 patients were period for 8 weeks and 12 weeks effect of tracking and evaluation. The results showed that eighth weeks when the reaction rate is as high as 97% (the virus load is lower than the detection limit for Twelfth weeks), the reaction rate is as high as 100%. Compared to the other 12 weeks of continuous use of hepatitis C drugs, RG-101 combined with four weeks to hepatitis C ultra high cure rate, without exception, the news that doctors and patients is exciting. Of Gilead, the combination of the C cycle, drug dosage requirements but also caused no small impact. The message says, recently Regulus pharmaceutical plans to carry out a phase II clinical trials, to inspect the RG-101 with Glaxo Shi Keqi antiviral drugs NS5B inhibitor combined with, for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV). If the test effect in line with expectations, Yoshito Toku price of hepatitis C drug or be replaced. In this regard, investors will pay close attention to.
Hepatitis C drug market, who will, and wait.


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