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Gilead HIV cocktail therapy approved by FDA, annual sales of over $1 billion to point the day and await for it

Source:http://www.wisdomdrugs.com Tssuing time:2016-03-25

Geely's HIV combination treatment method has been approved by FDA, which is the company in the field of treatment to obtain a leader in the field of a cornerstone.
The approval of new drugs, called Odefsey is grace song capecitabine (brand name emtriva), and horse Welwyn (Johnson & Johnson, commodity called edurant), Tenofoviral afenamide (abbreviated as TAF is tenofovir commodity name Viread] for enhanced version) compound drugs. The drug is approved for the treatment of type HIV I virus infection in patients aged 12 years and older. Type HIV I is also the most commonly infected HIV virus type.
According to Thomson Reuters forecast, Gilead's drug Odefsey is expected to reach the peak sales of $1 billion 600 million in 2020. This is the second approved by the FDA including TAF cocktail. The first is the last November approved Genvoya, TAF, Tybost, compound drugs Emtriva and Vitekta.
Gilead so quickly listed, fast track thanks to FDA, the 10 months of the approval period reduced to 6 months. Gilead paid Knight $Therapeutics1.25.
In addition to Odefsey, at the same time, Gilead in compound drug development including TAF and Emtriva. Thomson Reuters estimates the drug sales peak to $2 billion a year.
Gilead faces a growing challenge. Its competitors, including cooperation in the Johnson & Johnson company, joint venture Viiv healthcare (GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Shionogi joint company). Each competitor in search of HIV drugs in combination with higher security, trying to capture the field of AIDS treatment more market share. Odefsey successfully approved, laid the foundation for Gilead's dominance in this competition undoubtedly has made the upper hand.


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