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First ¡° Yanmin Cup¡± Badminton competition

Source:http://www.wisdomdrugs.com Tssuing time:2014-12-31

In order to enrich employees' spare time, train the team spirit, enhance the cohesion, promote the friendship between staffs, build an atmosphere of confident, sunshine, full of youthful spirit, never giving up, and show youthful vitality of employee, we hold this badminton competition.

Ò»¡¢Name of competition£º First ¡° Yanmin Cup¡± Badminton competition

¶ş¡¢Slogan of competition£º Friendship first  Competition second

Èı¡¢Place£º Changzhou Outi center

ËÄ¡¢Item£ºWomen's singles, mixed doubles. The doubles and women's doubles

After the fierce competition, finally Tang Wenlan and Sun Yujiao group won the championship with mixed doubles, Zhou Xinyi won the MVP, Chen Liwen won the championship with Women¡¯ s singles competition.

This badminton competition not only exercise our body, but also enhance the cohesion, pride and sense of belong with all staffs. We would work with more work enthusiasm, fuller state to implement our vision.


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